Online PE Chapter 7

The cardiovascular system includes the
heart, blood, and blood vessels.
In your lungs,
carbon dioxide leaves your blood.
For cardiovascular fitness, moderate to vigorous exercise must elevate your heart rate
into the target fitness zone.
During sprinting or fast swimming, muscles tire when they get too
little oxygen.
Compared to the heart of a person who is less fit, a fit person’s heart pumps
more blood with fewer beats.
Your heart gets more blood to your muscles by sending more blood each beat and by
beating faster.
Cholesterol is carried through the bloodstream by particles called
Blood is carried from muscles to the heart by
A healthy cardiovascular system has a
high HDL level, low LDL level. (high low skirt)
Regular exercise helps prevent blood clots by
Reducing fibrin in the blood
Physical activity done in short, fast bursts is
anaerobic (Ana is short)
Sports that BEST build cardiovascular fitness require
continuous activity.
With regular exercise, your nervous system
lowers your resting heart rate.
National guidelines state that teenagers should engage in vigorous activity for
20 minutes, 3 or more times per week.