Network Pro Final Exam

Which of the following correctly describes the T1 carrier system? (select two.)
T1 lines use 2 pairs of copper wire, A single T1 channel can transfer data at 64 Kbps
Which of the following cable classifications are typically used for cable and satellite networking with coaxial cables? (Select two.)
RG-6 and RG-59
You want to connect your client computer to a wireless access point connected to your wired network at work. The network administrator tells you that the access point is configured to use WPA2 Personal with the strongest encryption method possible. SSID broadcast is turned off. Which of the following must you configure manually on the client? (Select three.)
Preshared key, AES, SSID
At which of the following OSI layers does a router operate?
Layer 3
Which of the following is the best device to deploy to protect your private network from a public untrusted network?
You want to implement a protocol on your network that allows computers to find the IP address of a host from a logical name. Which protocol should you implement?
You have a small network at home that is connected to the Internet. On your home network you have a server with the IP address of All computers on your home network can connect to the Internet. From your work office, you try to access your home computer using its IP address, but are unable to communicate with the server. You can connect to other hosts on the Internet. Why can’t you access the server?
Private addresses are not accessible through the Internet.
What is the basic purpose of the OSI Physical layer?
Coordinates rules for transmitting bits.
Which of the following do switches and wireless access points use to control access through the device?
MAC filtering
You are troubleshooting a workstation connection to the network. During your troubleshooting, you replace the drop cable connecting the computer to the network. Which type of document should you update?
Change documentation
The configuration document identifies specific configuration information for a device. It might include information about the connection to the network. A network diagram might include the location of the workstation on your site and its connection to the network. A wiring schematic might include information about how the device connects to the punchdown blocks or patch panels. For each of these documents, simply changing the drop cable does not alter the information that would be in each document, so no change would be required.
MAC flooding
You have a network that uses a logical bus topology. How do messages travel through the network?
Messages are broadcast to all devices connected to the network.
Which two of the following tasks do routers perform?
Maintain information about paths through an internetwork and Route data based on logical network addresses
Which three of the following are not valid IP addresses?
The min is 0 and the max is 255.
In a variation of the brute force attack, an attacker may use a predefined list (dictionary) of commonly used usernames and passwords to gain access to existing user accounts. Which countermeasure best addresses this issue?
A strong password policy
You are adding new wires in your building for some new offices. The building has a false ceiling that holds the lights. You would like to run your Ethernet cables in this area. Which type of cable must you use?
Ethernet 100BaseFX networks use what type of cabling?
Fiber optic
Which of the following terms are often synonymous with or made possible with CIDR? (Select two.)
VLSM and Classless
Which of the following are true for the ISIS routing protocol? (Select two.)
Supports IPv6 routing. Divides large networks into areas.
You have a small network that uses a hub to connect multiple devices. What physical topology is used?
Which of the following protocols allows hosts to exchange messages to indicate problems with packet delivery?
Which of the following physical topologies are used with Ethernet networks? (Select two.)
Star and Bus
Which protocol is used for securely browsing a website?
You have implemented a network where hosts are assigned specific roles, such as for file sharing and printing. Other hosts access those resources but do not host services of their own. What type of network do you have?
Which of the following are functions of the MAC sublayer? (Select two.)
Defining a unique hardware address for each device on the network. Letting devices on the network have access to the LAN
An all-in-one security appliance is best suited for which type of implementation?
A remote office with no on-site technician.
Which of the following wireless security methods uses a common shared key configured on the wireless access point and all wireless clients?
WEP, WPA Personal, and WPA2 Personal
You have a large TCP/IP network and want to keep hosts’ real time clock synchronized. What protocol should you use?
What is the minimum cable specification that supports 1000 Mbps Ethernet?
Cat 5
What protocol sends email to a mail server?
Which of the following is a firewall function?
Packet filtering
Which of the following is defined as a contract which prescribes the technical support or business parameters that a provider will bestow to its client?
Service level agreement
Which three of the following functions are performed by the OSI Transport layer?
Reliable message delivery, Data segmentation and reassembly, and End-to-end flow control
You are implementing Internet connectivity for a new startup company. Your client will provide online storefronts for retailers. To do this, they have calculated that their Internet connection must provide a data rate of at least 20-30 Mbps. Which type of service should you implement?
You manage a network that uses switches. In the lobby of your building are three RJ45 ports connected to a switch. You want to make sure that visitors cannot plug in their computers to the free network jacks and connect to the network. However, employees who plug into those same jacks should be able to connect to the network. What feature should you configure?
Port authentication
Which of the following terms describes a Windows operating system patch that corrects a specific problem and is released on a short-term, periodic basis (typically monthly)?
You have been hired to troubleshoot a wireless connectivity issue for two separate networks located within a proximity. Both networks use a WAP from the same manufacturer and all settings, except for SSIDs, remain configured to the default. Which of the following might you suspect as the cause of the connectivity problems?
Overlapping channels
Which of the following IP addresses is a valid IP address for a host on a public network?
You have a private network connected to the Internet. Your routers will not share routing information about your private network with Internet routers. Which of the following best describes the type of routing protocol you would use?
Which of the following is an example of privilege escalation?
Creeping privileges
Which IEEE wireless standards specify transmission speeds up to 54 Mbps? (Select two.)
802.11a and 802.11g
You want to use the T568A standard for adding connectors to your Cat5 cable. Starting with pin 1, which order should you use for the wires within the connector?
White/green, green, white/orange, blue, white/blue, orange, white/brown, brown
Review the output from the show interfaces fa0/1 command on the switch2 switch in the exhibit. What is wrong with the fa0/1 interface in this example?
A duplex mismatch exists with the device on the other end of the connection.
Which of the following are advantages of using fiber optic cabling for a network, as opposed to other types of cabling? (Select two.)
Immunity to electromagnetic interference and Greater cable distances without a repeater
Your organization uses an 802.11b wireless network. Recently, other tenants installed the following equipment in your building: A wireless television distribution system running at 2.4 GHz. Since this equipment was installed, your wireless network has been experiencing significant interference. Which system is to blame?
The wireless TV system
Which protocol is used on the World Wide Web to transmit Web pages to Web browsers?
You manage a server that uses an IP address of with a mask of Which of the following describes the address type?
You need to transfer data from one laptop to another and would like to use an Ethernet cable. You do not have a hub or a switch. Which type of cable should you use?
Which of the following protocols or services is commonly used on cable Internet connections for user authentication?
You walk by the server room and notice a fire has started. What should you do first?
Make sure everyone has cleared the area.
You are the administrator of your company’s network. You want to prevent unauthorized access to your intranet from the Internet. Which of the following should you implement?
As a security precaution, you have implemented IPsec that is used between any two devices on your network. IPsec provides encryption for traffic between devices. You would like to implement a solution that can scan the contents of the encrypted traffic to prevent any malicious attacks. Which solution should you implement?
Host-based IDS
Which switch features are typically used with VoIP? (Select two.)
PoE and VLAN
You have implemented an adhoc wireless network that doesn’t employ a wireless access point. Every wireless network card can communicate directly with any other wireless network card on the network. What type of physical network topology has been implemented in this type of network?
In the OSI model, which of the following functions are performed at the Application layer?
Integration of network functionality into the host operating system AND Enabling communication between network clients and services.
You are an IT consultant and are visiting a new client’s site to become familiar with their network. As you walk around their facility, you note the following.. What security-related recommendations should you make to this client?
Implement a hardware checkout policy.
You want to make sure that visitors cannot plug in their computers to the free network jacks and connect to the network. However, employees who plug into those same jacks should be able to connect to the network. What feature should you configure?
Port authentication
Which of the following protocols would be most likely to be allowed through the widest number of firewalls?
What is the primary countermeasure to social engineering?
In the OSI model, which of the following functions are performed at the Presentation layer? (Select two.)
Specify data format (such as file formats) AND Encrypt and compress data
Under which of the following circumstances might you implement BGP on your company network and share routes with Internet routers?
If the network is connected to the Internet using multiple ISPs.
Which of the following topologies connects each network device to a central hub?
Your company leases a very fast Internet connection and pays for it based on usage. You have been asked by the company president to reduce Internet line lease costs. You want to reduce the amount of web pages that are downloaded over the leased connection, without decreasing performance. What is the best way to do this?
Install a proxy server
Which of the following TCP/IP protocols do email clients use to download messages from a remote mail server?
You have purchased a new router that you need to configure. You need to connect a workstation to the router’s console port to complete the configuration tasks. Which type of cable would you most likely use?
The Data Link Layer of the OSI model is comprised of two sublayers. What are they? (Select two.)
A user on your network has been moved to another office down the hall. After the move she calls you complaining that she has only occasional network access through her wireless connection. Which of the following is most likely the cause of the problem?
The client system has moved too far away from the access point.
Network signaling is a function of which layer of the OSI model?
Physical Layer
Due to budget constraints, your client wants to upgrade only the wireless access points in the network this year. Next year, she will upgrade the wireless network boards in her users’ workstations. She has also indicated that the system must continue to function during the transition period. Which 802.11 standard will work best in this situation?
Which two of the following are included as part of Data Link layer specifications?
Controlling how messages are propagated through the network. AND Identifying physical network devices.
Which OSI model layer is responsible for guaranteeing reliable message delivery?
Your computer has an IP address of Your computer is on a:
Public network
Which of the following measures are you most likely to implement to protect against a worm or Trojan horse?
Antivirus software
You want to be able to identify traffic that is being generated and sent through the network by a specific application running on a device. Which tool should you use?
Protocol analyzer
Which of the following hardware devices links multiple networks and directs traffic between networks?
Which of the following protocols stores email on the mail server and gives users a choice to download mail or keep it on the server?
In the OSI model, what is the primary function of the Network layer?
Routes messages between networks
Your network has been assigned the Class B address of Which of the following is not an address you can assign to a node on your network?
Which of the following connectors is used with Ethernet 10BaseT networks?
You have a computer that is connected to the Internet through a NAT router. You want to use a private addressing scheme for your computer. Which of the following IP addresses could you assign to the computer? (Select all that apply.)
You have implemented a network where each device provides shared files with all other devices on the network. What type of network do you have?
Which of the following best describes the purpose of using subnets?
Subnets divide an IP network address into multiple network addresses.
You need to add security for your wireless network. You would like to use the most secure method. Which method should you implement?
Which of the following devices operate at OSI model layer 2? (Select two.)
NIC and Switch
You are an application developer and are writing a program to exchange video files through a TCP/IP network. You need to select a transport protocol that will guarantee delivery. Which TCP/IP protocol would you implement that provides this capability?
Which of the following devices accepts incoming client requests and distributes those requests to specific servers?
Load Balancer
You are setting up a wireless hotspot in a local coffee shop. For best results, you want to disperse the radio signals evenly throughout the coffee shop. Which of the following types of antennas would you use on the AP to provide a 360degree dispersed wave pattern?
Which of the following tasks is associated with the Session layer?
Connection establishment
You decide to check your email before the meeting begins, but when you open the browser you cannot gain Internet access. Other customers are on the Internet and because you use a wireless connection at work, you are sure your laptops wireless adapter works. What is the likely cause of the problem?
Mismatched SSID
At which layer of the OSI model do hubs operate?
What device is used to create a physical star topology?
When would you typically use an RJ-11 connector?
When connecting a phone to a phone line.
You need to enable hosts on your network to find the IP address of logical names such as Which device would you use?
DNS Server
What information does the next hop entry in a routing table identify?
The first router in the path to the destination network.
You want to implement 802.1x authentication on your wireless network. Which of the following will be required?
The UDP transport protocol provides which of the following features? (Select all that apply.)
Low overhead and Connectionless datagram services
You need to connect a workstation to a switch using a regular port on the switch (not an uplink port). The switch does not support auto-MDI. Which type of cable should you use?
The router receives a packet addressed to network What will the router do with the packet?
Forward the packet to the next hop router specified by the route to network
At what OSI layer does a router operate to forward network messages?
Which of the following associates a port number with a host on a private network?
If your antivirus software does not detect and remove a virus, what should you try first?
Update your virus detection software.
Which network component connects a device with the transmission media and allows it to send and receive messages?
Which TCP/IP protocol will enable messages to be exchanged between systems?
Which of the following functions are performed by proxies? (Select two.)
Block employees from accessing certain websites and Cache web pages
Which of the following protocols are used with VoIP? (Select two.)
Which of the following topologies connects all devices to a trunk cable?
Which organization is responsible for allocating public IP addresses?
Which of the following best describes the purpose of using subnets?
Subnets divide an IP network address into multiple network addresses.
Which command can you use to determine whether your computer can still contact the server?
Which of the following forms of optical fiber would usually be used to connect two buildings across campus from each other, which are several kilometers apart?
Single mode