MIS 301 Final – Ch 10

Which of the following is an extended ERP module?
Business intelligence
Which of the following is a core ERP module?
HR management
ERP address the problem of ___ in ___.
information silos; FAIS
Which of the following is NOT a commercially available type of ERP software?
ERP systems are an evolution of ___.
ERP ___ systems also benefit businesses by generating forecasting analyses of product consumption based on critical variables such as geographical area, season, day of the week, and type of customer.
ERP ___ systems have the capability to place automatic requests to buy products from suppliers in real time.
Which of the following is NOT an interorganizational system?
The procurement process originates in the ___ department and ends in the ___ department.
warehouse; accounting
The ___ process involves customer requests and receiving payments.
Which of the following is NOT a primary objective of ERP?
Streamline the manufacturing process
The ___ process originates and ends in the warehouse department but involves the production department as well.
At a quick glance, you notice one of your sales engineers is the only one who isn’t making any sales to your North American customers. What kind of report did you use to make this determination?
ERP address information silos by ___.
integrating functional areas
Key indicator reports ___.
summarize the performance of critical activities
___ is a type of system that automates the data entry and processing of travel and entertainment expenses; these are a type of ___.
Expense management automation; FAIS
___ is a precursor to MRP.
___ is a planning process that integrates production, purchasing, and inventory management of interdependent items.
You notice your North American divisions are doing much better than your South American divisions. What kind of report did you use to make this determination?
With the ___ approach, implementation is quicker but adaptation to the firm’s specific processes is limited.
Exception reports ___.
include only information that falls outside certain threshold standards
MRP is a ___ function.
planning production and operation
ERP originally only addressed ___ business processes.
___ reports are produced at scheduled intervals.
Which of the following is a limitation of ERP?
Drill-down reports ___.
display a greater level of detail
The ___ approach is when a company implements a more customized ERP system by developing new ERP functions designed specifically for that firm.
Which of the following is NOT a major cause of ERP implementation failure?
Insufficient funding
Comparative reports ___.
compare data
A(n) ___ ratio is the availability of cash to pay debt.