Chapter 17 Intro to PC operating systems

2. If a computer is having trouble navigating to a website when you enter the URL into the browser’s address box, but is able to access the site when you enter the web server’s IP address, which server available to your network should you make sure is functioning correctly?
DNS server
3. Which type of server can function as a firewall?
Proxy server
4. Which editions of Windows can be used to serve up Remote Desktop?
Business or professional editions of Windows 8/7/Vista
5. What is the listening port for Remote Desktop?
Port 3389
6. What type of file can a user send a technician in order to get help remotely, when using Remote Assistance?
Remote Assistance invitation file
7. What is the command to open the Group Policy console?
8. What folder in Windows is intended to be used for folders and files that all users of a computer share?
C:Public folder
9. When using the Control Panel to manage user accounts, what two types of user accounts can be configured?
Administrator and standard accounts
10. What is the command to launch the Local Users and Groups Manager console?
11. Which type of user group provides backwards compatibility with Windows XP?
Power Users
12. Why doesn’t the Properties box for a file have a Sharing tab?
Share permissions do not apply to files
13. When you view the Properties box for a folder, why might the Security tab be missing?
The folder’s volume is not NTFS.
14. What type of permissions does a folder receive from its parent folder?
Inherited permissions
15. What type of permissions must be used on a FAT volume?
Share permissions
16. If a folder has 10 subfolders, what is the easiest way to change the permissions for all 10 folders?
Change the permissions of the parent folder
17. If you are having a problem changing the permissions of a folder that was created by another user, what can you do to help solve the problem?
Take ownership of the folder
18. A shared folder whose share name ends with a $ is called a _______.
Hidden share or administrative share
19. What command do you enter in the Explorer search box to access the Remote Admin share on the computer named Fin?
20. What five elements define cloud computing services?
On-demand, rapid elasticity, support for multiple platforms, resource pooling, and measured service
21. Gmail is an example of what type of cloud computing service model?