and then there were none chapter notes

Chapter 1
We met the characters and were figured out that each character has a mysterious past

There are no missing characters

Chapter 2
Everyone figured out that the host Mr. U.N.Owen was not on the island

Everyone thought that there was something weird about the island

All of the guest find the ten little soldiers boys poem hanging from above there heads

Chapter 3
There was a gramophone record that blamed everyone for the deaths of other people from a voice, and no one could figure out who it was. The record was titled “Swan Song.”

They still could not find the host but they have heard of him

They notice a set of ten china figures of Indians sitting in the center of the table and immediately associate the figures with the rhyme that hangs framed in all of their rooms.

Wargrave suggests that U. N. Owen sounds like and stands for “unknown,” and that he has invited them all here.

Chapter 4 who killed who
The deaths were Wargrave- accused of killing a man named Edward Seton, says that Seton was an accused murderer on whom he passed sentence.

Armstrong- remembering the case, privately recalls that everyone felt sure Seton would be acquitted, but Wargrave influenced the jury, which found Seton guilty.

Vera- accused of killing Cyril Hamilton, and he drowned while swimming to a rock. She says she tried her best to save him.

Macarthur- accused of killing his wife’s lover, Arthur Richmond, Macarthur denies that his wife ever had an affair. Lombard- accused of killing twenty-one members of an East African tribe, admits to taking their food and abandoning them in the wilderness, saying that he did so in order to save himself.

Tony Marston- accused of killing John and Lucy Combes, remarks that they must have been two children he ran over by accident.
Mr. Rogers says that he and his wife did not kill Jennifer Brady, their employer, an old, sickly woman who died one night when Mr. Rogers could not reach the doctor in time. He admits that they inherited some money after her death.

Blore says that when he was a police inspector, he testified against a man named James Landor in a bank robbery case. Landor later died in jail, but Blore insists that Landor was guilty.

Armstrong- accused of causing the death of a woman named Louisa Mary Clees. Clees was an elderly woman on whom he operated while drunk. Only the dignified Emily Brent will not speak to the accusation made against her.

Chapter 5
Anthony marston got poison in his drink and made him die immediately

Everyone notices that the death of anthony marston’s death goes along with the first line in the poem

Armstrong examines the drink and finds it was poisoned, but since Marston poured it himself, the guests assume he committed suicide.

Chapter 6
Mrs. Rodgers dies in her sleep after being given a lethal dose of sleeping medication

Blore suggests that Rogers killed his wife

Rogers says she took only the pills Armstrong gave her.

All of them realize that none of them will be leaving the island and that the boat is not coming back to the island

Rogers shows Armstrong that only eight Indian figures remain on the table. And that it might have something to do with the deaths of people.

Chapter 7
There were three people armstrong, lombard, and wargrave that got out to search the island for the host and or other living things or people besides them

There are no missing character

Chapter 8
Everyone knows that lombard has a revolver, but has not used it in any was on the island

As they make their search, the men come across a dazed Macarthur sitting by himself, staring off into the sea. He tells them that there is very little time and that they need to leave him alone

Vera goes out for a walk and comes across the Macarthur. She sits down, and he talks of the impending end of his life and of the relief he feels, given the guilt he has felt over the death of Richmond.

They now think that U.N.Owen is not even on the island and that it might be one of the people in the house, and that who ever it is, is trying to kill everyone

We figure out that Dr. Armstrong does not want to go search the island with them because he thinks that he will die and that U.N.Owen has something planned for him to dies next

There are no missing characters

Chapter 9
Wargrave knew he was going to die soon because he was old and gone through a lot

People are very suspicious about lumbards revolver

General macarthur died by being hit in the head this was also the main event for the chapter

Chapter 10
The girls were being very suspicious that night and made the men think differently

There are no missing characters

They start thinking more about who could be the murder and most suspect armstrong

Rodgers locks the dining-room door so that no one can remove any of the remaining Indian figures during the night

chapter 11
They could not find Rodgers in the early morning so they figured out that he was died. He died chopping up sticks and took a blow to the head

They were thinking about the poem and talked to each other and said for everyone to watch out for a bee or a hive

Chapter 12
Emily brent was the only one who stayed in the dining room and got stung by a bee, and died. She heard the bee at first but did not exactly know what it was at first

Dr. armstrong would not give up his revolver so everyone was very suspicious about how he was acting

Chapter 13
Justice Wargrave “died” the ten little soilder boy poem that said one got chancery means he was dressed like a judge and was very stressed and killed himself

Vera thought that someone was killing her and she got really scared but it was actually a piece of seaweed hanging in her room

Chapter 14
lumbard checks all of the rooms because he saw and heard someone going down stairs. He figures out that Armstrong is not in his room and then wakes lombard and vera

They can not find armstrong and they can not find anyone else on the island

Chapter 15
Blore suggest that lumbard may be the killer because he will not let anyone touch or see it

Blore has been crushed by something thrown from Vera’s window: the bear-shaped marble clock that stood on her mantle.

They don’t really think that armstrong is really died and that he is trying to trick them

Chapter 16
Vera automatically pulls the trigger and Lombard falls to the ground, shot through the heart.

When she opens the door of her bedroom, she sees a noose hanging from the black hook that previously held the seaweed. She sees that Hugo wants her to hang herself, and then she remembers the real last line of the poem: “He went and hanged himself and then there were none.” Without a second thought she puts her head in the noose and kicks away the chair.

Two policeman, Sir Thomas Legge and Inspector Maine, discuss the perplexing Indian Island case. They have reconstructed much of what happened on Indian Island from diaries kept by various guests.

U. N. Owen, died of an apparent sleeping-pill overdose the night the guests arrived on the island.

After many years as a judge, he developed the desire to play executioner. He wanted to kill in an extraordinary, theatrical way, while adhering to his own sense of justice

Wargrave took his time gathering a list of victims, bringing up the topic of unpunished murders in casual conversations and hoping someone would mention a case of which they knew. Wargrave learned he was terminally ill and decided to kill himself after doing away with his victims.

Wargrave’s tenth victim, we learn, was Isaac Morris, who acted as his agent in making the arrangements for Indian Island, and who had been responsible for selling drugs to a young acquaintance of Wargrave, who subsequently killed herself.

Wargrave closes by describing the mechanism by which he will pull the trigger of the revolver from a distance and have the revolver flung away by an elastic band, thereby shooting himself so that he falls back on his bed as though laid there by the others. He concludes that men from the mainland “will find ten dead bodies and an unsolved problem on Indian Island.”